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    This is Reflying Privacy Policy. We collect, use Customer Data in order toprovide you with a safe, personalized service with H. Tang. We are committed to protecting your privacyaccording to this Privacy Policy.


    1.Information collection

    We willcollect your personal information that you input, use IP, time, location etc.when you use our APP.


    2.Use of information

    Yourpersonal information is only for our analysis and research, so as to providebetter services and the improvement of the APP. Under the situation of noviolation of our terms of service or other regulations, we will never rent orsell your personal information to any third party without your permission.


    3.Security safeguards

    Ourserver is equipped with firewall and information protection system which canmostly ensure the safety of your personal information.


    4.Updates to the privacy policy

    By startingusing our APP, you agree to the terms of serviceand this Privacy Policy. H. Tang may amend this Privacy Policy.Once it is amended, the updated version will be posted on H. Tang’s website andthis policy so that you are aware of how we use and save your information. Ifyou don’t agree the amendment, you can cancel our service actively. If youcontinue to use, that will be deemed to accept this updated policy.


    5.Legal disclaimer

    Theformation, implementation, interpretation and disputes of this policy areapplicable to Chinese law. Under the requirements of the law to disclose yourpersonal information to protect corporation’s legal rights and interests,safeguard the interests of the general public or to comply with the judicialprocess, we have the right to disclose your personal information. If a disputearises between you and us on the content or implementation of this policy, bothsides should try to settle. Once no resolved, any party may bring a lawsuit tothe people's court of our location.


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