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    TV Cord Cover Concealer, 62.8 inch Long Cable Raceway Channel, Paintable TV Wire Hider for Wall Mounted TV - 4 X L 15.7 in X W1.38 in X H0.78in
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    Product Detail

     1、Long TV Mount Cord Concealer: No one offers such long cord cover to install TV cables, we provide everything you need to complete an instruction. Each package contains 4 cable channels, L 15.7in X W1.38in X H0.78in, this is the best size to conceal more cables and wires, also looks not too huge on the wall

    2、Excellent Cable Raceway Kit: Cable channel is made from high-quality PVC, flexible and could be cut to any length. Snap-on design allows it hides up to 5 power cords, no needto consider adding more cables in a narrow space, easy to open and close the cable cover

    3、Easy to Use: With our strong clear adhesive tape, easily stick the cable raceway firmly on the wall. And the length of the tape is much longer than the raceway kit, reserve the extra length for second installing. To avoid the clear tape falling off from the wall, we prepare enough screws to fi it on the wall

    4、Keep TV Wall Clean: This cable management system is perfect to hide TV cables, audio cables, Ethernet cables, HDMI wires, Coaxial cables and etc. Ideal for a TV wall mount height without any connectors, keep the messy cables out of view, make your home clean and neat

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