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    [2020 Upgraded] Black Cable Concealer, 157in Cable Cover, PVC Wire Duct - Wire Channel to Hide Cords for TV and and Computer in Home, Office - 10X L15.7in W0.91in H0.51in
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    Product Detail

     1、Complete Cable Management Kit: The cord cover kit contains everything you need for concealing messy wires. Each package contains 10X 15.7inch W0.91inch H0.51inch cable raceways, 17X different connectors, 20X screws, 20X anchors, 2X clear tapes


    2、Two Flexible Installation Methods: You can use our strong adhesive-tape and stick the cord cover firmly on the wall without damaging the wall. Or use screws and anchors to keep your cable in place


    3、New and Improved Cable Channel: We have upgraded to a premium and stronger raceway kit. Smooth and glossy surface with premium quality. You can choose to open it directly or slide off the cover, very simple to use


    4、Keep Your Family From Danger: Messy cables could be a huge security hazard, bare wires may trip your kids and cause the threat of leakage. Hiding cords make a huge difference in home and office. Simply install on wall cord cover provides a safe environment for you


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